The Internet of Things… from cities and municipalities to Fortune 500 organizations and all points in between, the conversations are about how IoT will change the way we interact with our environments. The key to unlocking IoT opportunities is connecting to the physical things and getting the right data from that connection.

The Internet of Things is built on layers of technology, from devices to IoT networks to servers to analytics platforms. There are many points that need to interact for “Things” to be truly connected. And it’s this connectivity that can be puzzling as IoT applications begin to emerge. eleven-x helps make things easy, secure and cost-efficient when it comes to connectivity.


Typical IoT applications require low bandwidth, long range, bi-directional communication capabilities and low power consumption which extends battery life, for up to 20 years in some cases. Attributes such as reliability and security also have a key function in any IoT application. All these considerations must be brought together in a low-cost solution.

eleven-x is enabling the Internet of Things in Canada with our purpose-built IoT network, the country’s first and only coast-to-coast Low Power Wide Area Network [LPWAN] based on proven LoRaWAN™ technology. Offering an open standard and backed by a global organization comprised of hundreds of companies aligned to move IoT forward, some of the key benefits of the eleven-x network include:

Low Cost Low-cost device use and no maintenance reduces operating costs and overall investment
Low Power Consumption Enables extended battery life of up to 20 years or more
Long Range Works in urban and indoor environments with connectivity extending up to approximately 48KM [30Mi]
Secure Embedded data encryption ensures privacy and protection
High Reliability Stays connected even when the power goes out
Scalable Add almost unlimited connections
Open Standard Network Ensures interoperability across the whole solution
Geolocation Tracking without a GPS
Bi-directional Communication Communicate directly with your “Things”
Rich Ecosystem of Solution Providers Proven technology and future potential for new use case opportunities

LoRaWAN™ Interface Design [LiD] Module

The eleven-X LoRaWAN Interface Design [LiD] module provides quick, easy and secure connectivity for battery powered devices and sensors to the eleven-X long range wide area network [LoRaWAN]. The LiD module provides the ability to enable and retrofit any un-networked devices and turn them into a Smart device facilitating unprecedented access to data collection from “Things” that couldn’t be connected before.

LoRaWAN Interface Design [LiD] Module Benefits:

  • Enhances security
  • Enables quick and easy pilot configuration and deployment
  • A smooth transition from pilot to full-scale roll-out
  • Reliability and security proven through real-life deployments adding up to years of testing
  • Provisioning

Do you have a device you want to be connected to the eleven-X network? Simply provide us with some details and we will connect with you.


eleven-X is proud to hold the status of Contributing Member in the LoRa Alliance™. The LoRa Alliance is a global organization comprised of over 500 companies which provides an open standard for secure, carrier-grade low power IoT connectivity.