The Internet of Things [IoT] is bringing organizations of all types new ways of capturing data, which in turn allows them to make more informed, and ultimately better decisions. Each organization is unique and requires varying data points to fill up their “Big Data” lakes for their individual analysis.

For Enterprises, it’s about reducing costs, enhancing productivity as well as increasing revenues that may come with new business opportunities, better customer experiences or changing their business models.

For Cities and Municipalities, IoT offers the opportunity to maintain current service offerings but save money, time or other resources that can be re-purposed for other services. It may also offer public sector organizations the ability to enhance their capabilities to provide new or improved services to their citizens.

The Right Network for Easy and Secure Connectivity

While each organization and IoT application may be a little different, there are 4 key elements that all organizations should be looking for in their IoT solutions:

Low Cost | Long Range | Low Power Consumption | Security

Highlighted below are a sampling of IoT applications where eleven-x can provide real value and ROI with our next generation network no matter what your type of organization. Contact us for more details on our next generation network or to discuss how we can get you connected with your Things.


  • Smart Agriculture
  • Water Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Health and Assisted Living
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Smart Buildings
  • + more


  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Waste
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Water Monitoring
  • Roadway Monitoring
  • + more

UTILITIES – Smart Metering solutions for:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electrical
  • Fuels
  • Renewable Energy
  • + more